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Finance ministers mis-managing euro crisis

TALLINN - After returning from a meeting of the EU ministers of finance in Wroclaw, Poland, th

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Saving again for a rainy day

VILNIUS - Analysts at SEB bank have not changed their growth forecast for 2011, saying Lithuan

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After austerity Berzins wants growth

RIGA - After being one of the first EU countries in need of a bail-out in 2008, Latvia is slow

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Growth forecast reined in

TALLINN - Estonia’s economy grew at a slower pace in the second quarter, on a year-on-ye

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No easy escape from eurozone

TALLINN - The euro region should have a mechanism allowing member countries to exit the single

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Lithuania’s indicators positive

VILNIUS - Lithuania kept its economic growth forecast unchanged through next year, said the Fi

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Latvia climbing out of hole

RIGA - Economic growth in Latvia is accelerating, says Swedbank chief economist Dainis Stikuts

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Retail pushes Lithuania’s GDP higher

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian branch of Swedbank, based on July data, suggested that gross domestic

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Estonia leads EU economic growth

TALLINN - Estonia will raise its 2011 forecast for economic output to about 7 percent from the

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Current account positive as imports surge

RIGA - Latvia’s current account, a measure of money flowing into and out of a country, r

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