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Traveling towards one’s dreams

Martynas Starkus, born in 1973 in Vilnius, is a journalist and a TV programs producer who has

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We are Faster than History, yet Slower than a Lifetime

Interestingly enough, the “faster than history” idiom acquires a special meaning w

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Weak consumption hits confidence

TALLINN - Estonian consumer confidence fell to the lowest level in seven months in November on

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Uneven recovery continues

RIGA - The EU’s 10 former communist member states are bouncing back from a biting econom

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No ‘kindness’ in next year’s budget

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s parliament began grappling with the 2011 budget on Nov. 23 amid a

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Jobs slowly returning to Estonia

TALLINN - Estonia’s unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level this year in the third

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Book publishers still gripped by crisis

KLAIPEDA - Battered by spiked up taxes, stringent government policy and, therefore, seeing thi

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Publishers struggle to sell more books

RIGA - There are about 400 companies or private persons who published at least one book during

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Bestsellers are best way to survive economic crisis

TALLINN - In Estonia today, all booksellers are private apart from one, which is partly state-

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A holiday that you will never forget

If you are young (20-35), successful, have really good self esteem, love parties - this is the

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