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Russia lashes out at Lithuania gas industry reform

VILNIUS - A European Comission directive that will force Lithuania to reform it's gas sect

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Three die in weekend fires

RIGA - Three people have died in a slew of fires that sprang up in Latvia over the weekend.

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Lithuanian holocaust denial sparks European outrage

VILNIUS - Embassies from seven European countries have sent a joint lett

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Record cocaine shipment seized in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonian police have uncovered the country's largest ever cocaine shipment.

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Deputy KNAB chief Vilks to face disciplinary action

RIGA - The deputy head of Latvia's scandal-ridden anti-corruption bureau KNAB is facing di

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New language program approved by cabinet

TALLINN - Estonia's government has approved a new Language Advancement Program for the cou

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200 protest austerity measures

RIGA - Approximately 200 people have turned out for a protest against the government's ong

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The pain tolerance for patriots

RIGA - The issue of emigration may be the toughest barrier to face for Latvia on its thorny ro

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Inflation threat or just a media-bubble?

Recently several newspapers and Web magazines have been worrying about the rising prices and h

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Estonians living abroad - should we make an effort? Part II

Since the Baltic States joined the European Union in 2004, the gates have been open to many Es

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