Deputy KNAB chief Vilks to face disciplinary action

  • 2010-11-25
  • TBT Staff

Top officials at Latvia's anti-corruption bureau have faced allegatinos of misconduct in recent weeks.

RIGA - The deputy head of Latvia's scandal-ridden anti-corruption bureau KNAB is facing disciplinary action over comments he made to the media while filling in for the director of the organization in October.

The bureau's chief, Normunds Vilnitis, ordered action to be taken after discovering that his deputy had discussed ongoing investigations with national news agency LETA while filling in for Vilnitis over a two-day period.

Vilnitis ordered the investigation because Vilks' statements about relations within the Corruption Prevention Bureau contradicted decisions of the National Security Council, LETA reported.

LETA reported that the comments in question may have pertained to Ainars Slesers' threatening of KNAB.


Vilnitis himself has faced harsh criticism from his subordinates in recent weeks over a plan the bureau chief put forward to reorganize the institution.

Two of KNAB's top-ranking employees petitioned Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis to block the reoganization plan, which they claimed would deeply hinder the watchdog's effectiveness.

The allegations have sparked a back-and-forth spat, with more than 70 allegations of misconduct to date.