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Baltic PMs mark anniversary of US non-recognition policy

WASHINGTON - The prime ministers of the three Baltic States have sent a letter of gratitude to

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Latvia takes on Gitmo Prisoner

RIGA - The Pentagon announced late last week that it had transferred a prisoner from the deten

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Lithuania to build floating gas terminal

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government has approved the construction of a floating gas terminal a

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Latvia has the EU's largest shadow economy - World Bank

RIGA - A recent study by the World Bank has found that Latvia suffers from the largest shadow

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Kubilius hails historic deal

VILNIUS - Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has praised the recent finalization of the largest p

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Lembergs not to participate in elections

VENTSPILS - Embattled Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs has announced he will not be taking part

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History and charm at an old mill complex

VILNIUS - If you are looking for a short and refreshing summer escape outside the city, the en

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In response to “Pabriks denied in OSCE challenge”

The article, “Pabriks denied in OSCE challenge,” (TBT no. 711, July 15) contains a

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Reluctant refomer, ambivalent legacy

The death of Algirdas Brazauskas, the former president and prime minister of independent Lithu

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Freedom of press in Estonia, or just beautiful words?

A free press, by most popular definitions, is one that is not afraid to ask the most difficult

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