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Parliament passes broadcast language law

RIGA - Latvian parliament has passed a revised version of the broadcast language law that Pres

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Lithuania-born Rwandan missionary preaches live Word, disdains pulpit

KLAIPEDA - Ten years ago, when Lithuania-born missionary Hermann Schulz, for the first time, b

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Swedish solidarity

According to a press release issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Latvian Foreign M

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Feeling the heat or reality?

The heat wave has been hovering over Latvia for a week and is not about to die down just yet.

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An unconventional Lama

Lama Ole Nydahl is one of the few Westerners fully qualified as a Lama and meditation teacher.

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The Baltic States and Israel

What is the relationship between the Baltic States and Israel? Obviously, it is different from

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Exports continue recovery support

TALLINN - The economic outlook presented by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research predic

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Lithuania returns to growth

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian economy, which suffered the European Union’s second-deepest con

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Deflation fears turning to inflation worries

RIGA -  Inflation may prove to be the Latvian economic recovery’s Achilles heel, as

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New car sales continue slump with seventy-five percent slide

KLAIPEDA - It is riding, but all the way down, to the point where a new car sales recovery sho

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