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Iceland's Volcano revealed Baltic's Isolation

Iceland’s volcano made it vividly clear how isolated the Baltic States still are from Eu

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Growth expected in Eastern Europe

RIGA - The International Monetary Fund has raised its 2010 growth forecast for the economies o

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'Dawdling' reforms threaten recovery

RIGA - This year Latvian GDP will fall by 2.5 percent, but by next year real GDP could grow by

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Greece told to copy Baltics

RIGA - The Latvian model for fiscal austerity, put in place due to the collapse of the economy

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Two majors share market dominance

TALLINN - According to a brand study of the Estonian Tele2 mobile communications operator, car

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Mobile telecommunications market: price wars and nature's cataclysms

RIGA - The mobile telecommunications market is one of the fastest growing, changing and compet

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Different marketing approaches single out the lowest rate mobile provider

KLAIPEDA - The telecommunications business is probably one of very few business sectors that c

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A widespread problem of modern society and medicine - herpes virus

The herpes virus can cause such diseases as herpes simple or zoster, chicken pox. The name her

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Useful for all drops

The rapid development of medicine in the 20th century has surpassed all expectations. This cre

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A glance into Japanese culture

RIGA - If you have ever taken interest in watching Japanese animated movies, it will be curiou

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