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An employer's market

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"Stop the sell of military aircrafs to South Africa"

Four Christian front figures demand in a debate article in the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter today

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The future of advertising

Companies that want their brand in front of the public have new ways to get their messa

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Palm Sunday

It's Palm Sunday in Poland, the first day of Holy Week which brings Christians to the celebrations o

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Hilberg Revisited

Most historians would agree that one of the most eminent, if not the preeminent expert on the

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Equal Pay Day highlights growing wage gap between women and men

Equal Pay Day marks how far into the New Year the average woman works to earn the same amount as her

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Track Cycling World Championships Results - Cleveland Plain Dealer

(AP) — 1. Australia, (Leigh Howard, Cameron Meyer ), 16 points. 2. France, (Morgan Kneisky, Christop

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Oscar-Winning Director Bigelow Recalls Working in Russia

LOS ANGELES — Currently "hot" in Hollywood, following a Best Director win at this year's Oscars for

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Stepping Up a Gear for the Euro 2012

Poland and Ukraine to speed up preparations for the European Football Championship in 2012...

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Following in Switzerland's Footsteps: International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Delegates from right-wing populist parties from across Europe are descending on Germany this weekend

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