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Stories that made the headlines in 2010

Here we are again, winding down another eventful year, as we prepare to move forward into the

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NBA update Dec. 12 - Dec. 19

RIGA, Latvia– This weekly segment follows the fortunes of three Baltic players plying th

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Passive Houses redefine meaning of green

TALLINN - The earth is considered one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe. Unfortuna

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Best practice starts in nursery school

TALLINN - School leaders around the world are asking the same questions: “How can I make

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Little snail on a grueling journey to change the unalterable - nutrition habits

 KLAIPEDA - If Carlo Petrini, Italian cuisine buff, had not been disgusted at seeing snac

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The pain tolerance for patriots

RIGA - The issue of emigration may be the toughest barrier to face for Latvia on its thorny ro

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Seashore stories to bring city back to the sea

TALLINN - The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a per

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Art for profit and beauty

RIGA -More alive, than deadThe problems of the Latvian a

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Baltic diaspora and the rise of Neo-Paganism

RIGA - An interesting follow-up to last week’s article on the status of religion in the

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Religious Recession-Religious Revival

RIGA - Long before the economic crisis gave people more time to reflect on their lives and con

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