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Freaky kit-car and bathyscaph show zest of two Lithuanian tech geeks

KLAIPEDA - If there were a Nobel-like prize for distinguished achievements in mechanics, both

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Young Europeans on stage

TALLINN - Comenius School Partnerships are bi- and multilateral cooperation between schools in

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Open letter of AB “Lietuvos Dujos” shareholders to the Lithuanian Government

With this open letter Gazprom (GP) and E.ON Ruhrgas (ER) react to several public statements of

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Craft in which crawlers, hoppers and gliders get a bit of eternity

KLAIPEDA - If the sight of a run-over raccoon or a shot pheasant tears your heart apart, then

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It’s a really small world

TALLINN - The world is becoming increasingly strange because people are willing to pay money f

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Why Latvia Matters (Part II)

RIGA - In looking at all the ways that Latvia and the Baltics ‘matter’ in the firs

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Sailing safely around the world and encouraging other families to follow

KLAIPEDA - Had they devoted their around-the-world sailing to Lithuania’s past millenniu

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A year of living innovatively

TALLINN - Estonia had its Year of Innovation in 2009. The project was launched by the Estonian

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Adrenaline rush-seeker hooked on one-eyed guardians of the sea

Having stumbled upon an interesting, yet unseen lighthouse, he can hurriedly jump on a Japan-b

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Why Latvia Matters (Part I)

RIGA - Imagine for a moment a country so desired that for the last thousand years countless fo

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