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Reforms needed, starting with labor market

TALLINN - The governor of the Bank of Estonia, Andres Lipstok, stated that Estonia needs to av

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Inflation nudges uncomfortably higher

TALLINN - Estonian inflation accelerated in May to the fastest pace in 15 months due mainly to

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Forbes commends Baltic response to crisis

VILNIUS - The Baltic States and Ireland are unsung heroes of Europe, as despite being severely

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Estonia heading for euroland

TALLINN - European finance ministers backed Estonia’s bid to become the 17th country usi

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Industrial output registers big jump

TALLINN - Estonian April industrial production rose at the fastest annual pace in at least a d

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Lithuania’s slide slows on export growth

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s economic contraction, the second-deepest in the European Union las

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EU meets with Russia at Rostov-on-Don

RIGA - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was set on May 31 to host his first summit with the E

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Estonians enjoying ‘love fest’ with euro

TALLINN - Despite the turmoil in the eurozone, there’s a bit of a ‘love fest&rsquo

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Russian influence in near abroad

RIGA - Russia is exploiting U.S. and European inattention to reassert its influence in the for

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Greek crisis threatens export recovery

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s government lowered its forecast for economic growth next year on w

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