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Austerity measures remain despite hardships

RIGA - The Baltic states have pursued closer integration with Europe with enormous zeal. But t

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Exports continue recovery support

TALLINN - The economic outlook presented by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research predic

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Lithuania returns to growth

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian economy, which suffered the European Union’s second-deepest con

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Deflation fears turning to inflation worries

RIGA -  Inflation may prove to be the Latvian economic recovery’s Achilles heel, as

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Manufacturing output continues to surge

TALLINN - Production output of industrial companies rose by 17 percent in May in comparison to

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Living standards to fall for many Europeans

VILNIUS - The generous social contract that the Europeans have celebrated for decades is being

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Global rebound drives results for exporters

TALLINN - Exports of goods in April 2010 rose by 37 percent and imports by 18 percent in compa

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S&P boosts Estonia’s rating

TALLINN - The rating agency Standard&Poor’s improved Estonia’s state rating to

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ECTU calls for tax reform

TALLINN - The council of the Estonian Confederation of Trade Unions (ECTU) on June 11 approved

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Increased exports help unemployment numbers

RIGA - The current growth in economic activity will lead to a gradual fall in the unemployment

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