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Civil Society - for the people but also with the people

The very charming Mrs. Myria Vassilidaou joined the EU’s Social Platform Management Comm

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Euro adoption date rests on budget decisions

VILNIUS - According to initial estimates released by Eurostat, third quarter GDP in Lithuania

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Bank consolidation expected as crisis creates opportunities

RIGA - Latvian and Lithuanian banks are reported to have the highest need for new capital in E

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Latvia's economy stabilizing, but remains 'fragile'

RIGA - Latvia may be able to drop its national currency, the lats, and switch to the euro alre

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China Town in Riga 's the promise of successful cooperation in the years ahead

RIGA - In modern language, Chinatown refers to an area populated by ethnic Chinese that emigra

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Estonian-Chinese cohesion

TALLINN - Globalization is changing direction, as east-west investments have started to flow w

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The Chinese are coming!

VILNIUS - Until the economic crisis, the Chinese were known as a cheap labor force in Lithuani

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5 steps to healthy eyes

1.    Eye strain. Any focused work means you don’t blink as frequently. A

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World class optical service available in Latvia

Different problems with eyesightOne’s eyesight is the most amazing thing that i

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Director: Ronald EmmerichFor the last couple of decades Hollywood directors

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