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IT business expands rapidly with EU support

RIGA - Many believe that the way organizations manage information will increasingly determine their

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Beauty Therapy and Surgery clinic for your health and beauty needs

Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic and Beauty Institute is the biggest and most luxurious leisure spo

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How to fight against viruses

RIGA - The flu season is underway and swine flu infections are already on the rise. Many people are

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Director: Jonathan Mostow"Surrogates," a new

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Fun for everyone at Estonia's winter resort region

TALLINN - For most people, winter time means cold weather, the flu season and trying to stay warm. S

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Battle for the Sun

RIGA - It is often how we perceive things that matters, rather than what they really are. Haven't yo

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Company briefs - 2009-11-11

Latvia's Competition Council has imposed a record-breaking fine of 6,222,635 lats (8.8 million euros

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Struggle to attract cargo traffic continues among Baltic ports

RIGA - Eastern European seaports will have to soon start looking elsewhere for business, writes news

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Bad faith acts by a member of a legal entity 's is it possible for a creditor to recover the debts?

In the presence of a complex economic situation, the tendency to escape payment of debts can be obse

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Ambitious nuclear power plant plans shaping up in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonia is moving ahead with plans for its Pakri nuclear power plant as negotiations for b

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