• 2009-11-11
  • By Michael Litvinsky

Director: Jonathan Mostow

"Surrogates," a new sci-fi feature from the creators of the last two Terminator movies introduces us to the distant future were humans have begun to live in complete isolation and only interact through surrogate robots, who are prettier, faster and stronger than their owners but are fully controlled by them.

Because of such changes in society, the murder rate has dropped to zero, as it is impossible to kill the human behind the surrogate. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy with such a state of things. The dissatisfied group of the population lives in the closed districts, refusing to use the surrogates, referring to them as a creation of the devil.

In the meantime, someone, somehow, finds a weapon capable of killing both 's the surrogate and the human controlling it. After a couple of murders the FBI gets involved. Agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) is ordered to find the weapon and the murderer who is posing a threat to the entire humanity.
Greer's investigation becomes much more difficult when he loses his surrogate robot in a near fatal incident and is forced to leave his home in order to continue his search for the murderer.

It should be mentioned here that, despite the fact that the movie is not a masterpiece, it is not complete rubbish, either. The visual effects were A-grade, the acting, probably not the best performance Bruce Willis ever gave, but even in a role not as dramatic as this, he is able to add different kinds of emotion and make the character more believable. Besides, the rest of the cast is not bad either, even though it could have been more 'stars,' as Surrogates is quite a high-budget movie.

The thing is that the movie is not a masterpiece, because it wasn't meant to be, and I think everyone, even director Jonathan Mostow knew this. Nevertheless, it is important that once in a  while Hollywood produces such movies. They pay off, and are easy and more or less interesting to watch, and these are probably the two qualities most of us look for in a film.

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