Beauty Therapy and Surgery clinic for your health and beauty needs

  • 2009-11-11

Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic and Beauty Institute is the biggest and most luxurious leisure spot in Lithuania. Luxury Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic is a beautiful and professional medical treatment place, where consultation and advice from qualified staff is provided, as well as top quality cosmetic products, which help you become healthier and more graceful, charming and unique.

At the Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic you will find the following medical treatments:

- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (plastic surgery facelift, scar revision, ear, eyelid, nose, abdomen, breast, buttock surgery)
- Vision correction center
- Medical laser center (laser treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, laser treatment for pigmented spots, tattoos and other cosmetic defects, laser treatment for permanent hair removal.
- Dermatologist
- Ophthalmologist
- Vascular Surgeon
- Orthopedist 's Traumatologist .

Dead Sea Water and Mud Therapy is also offered at the Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic.
The Dead Sea is one of the world's most natural wonders, formed over millions of years. Dead Sea brine relaxes the muscles, calms the nervous system and improves metabolism of the skin cells. Dead Sea mud is rich with minerals and trace elements, so Dead Sea therapy is used to treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.
Minerals are vital for the skin's beauty. Dead Sea mud improves metabolism and tones the skin. It is an excellent cosmetic product, promoting slimming and dispersing cellulite.

Beauty Treatments
Your skin is an asset that deserves the best treatment. The stress, fatigue, dryness, ageing and external aggressions - the story of your daily life - is told by the condition of your skin. Our beauticians will give you a precise diagnosis and advice on your skin care and will offer a specific, personalized program and technically advanced treatments with products by the beauty salon specialists.
Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic is the representative for the most prestigious cosmetic brands recognized throughout the world for quality and effectiveness. 
LA COLLINE (Switzerland), ANNA LOTAN (Israel), BIOLINE (Italy), GUINOT (France), EXUVIANCE (USA), PEVONIA (USA),  PIERRE FABRE (France),  Dessange (France).

The Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic has 3 SPA centers: 2 in Vilnius and one in Druskininkai. SPA centers provide as many as 18 different SPA massages: chiroplastic, four'shand exclusive, Swedish, honey, Maori, Thai, hot stone, lymphodrainage, anti-cellulite, aromatherapy and more. Special program for slimming and firming. SPA centers are focused on providing professional services and offering a wide choice of exclusive treatments, including unique body massage and skin ageing prevention treatments and a unique skin sculpturing massage technique.

Along with special rituals and massages, guests are offered a full range of regular treatments, cleansing, peelings or skin firming treatments, aroma therapy treatments and beauty rituals, done by highly professional staff, best service for every client, which is available in SPA centers and is an unforgettable experience that everyone deserves.

In Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic your can go to a health and fitness club.
Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic is visited by people from the Baltic countries, however, there is an increasing number of visitors from Scandinavia, Russia and Belarus.
Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic also offers a full range of accommodation services.
The interior was created with love by Therapy and Surgery Clinic. All personnel have medical and beauty experience, training background and they continuously improve their skills in different trainings and seminars, learning the latest developments and fashions.

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