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Approval of Lithuanian government reaches new low

VILNIUS - A recent survey has found that the approval rating of the Lithuanian government has

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Moody's praises Estonia in crisis

TALLINN - Moody's Ratings Agency, one of the largest in the world, has praised Estonia'

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H1N1 cases skyrocket

RIGA - The number of cases of the AH1N1 influenza virus, also known as swine flu, in Latvia ha

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Ilves, Vike-Freiberga to run for EU presidency

RIGA - Former Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga and acting Estonian Prime Minister Toomas

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Lithuania to sell carbon credits

VILNIUS - Lithuania is set to sell off about 50 million tons of carbon credits. Re

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Letter from IMF Managing Director to Open Civil Meetings

Open Civil Meetingsc/o Gunnar SigurðssonHolmgaroi 27108 Reykjav

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Estonians charged in 'highly sophisticated' hacking case

TALLINN - Five Estonians have been charged in a high-profile computer hacking case that allege

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Stag partiers to return to court

RIGA - Two men who were found innocent last month are going to have to return to court to face

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Estonian hackers face indictment

TALLINN - A number of Estonians that allegedly took part in a major hacking operation late las

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Center-right parties join forces

RIGA - Three major center-right parties in Latvia have agreed to join forces in the next elect

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