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Largest data center in the Baltics

DEAC, a Latvian IT outsourcing company, operating on the IT market already for 10 years, has

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What's he done?

Dear TBT,The award of the Nobel Peace Prize

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Latvian bureaucracy is UNBELIEVABLE

Dear TBT, I have now lived in rural Latvia j

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The best navigator steers future captains to excellence

Ricardas Lucka, the 70-year-old ex-captain and president of the Captains' Club in Klaipeda, doesn't

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More European and less Baltic?

It is mistaken to perceive the three Baltic States as being almost identical. History that made the

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Lithuania manages to steer clear of IMF loans

VILNIUS - Although Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius is pleased at the increasing confidence in Lithua

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Analysts doubt whether Estonia will qualify for euro entry in 2011

TALLINN - Moody's estimates that Estonia will not be ready to adopt the euro in 2011, reports news a

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Banking on Baltic stability

With its name plastered on Riga's most prominent skyscraper, Swedbank physically dominates the bigge

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Saving the planet the Swedish way

Whenever you hear a weather report, say thanks to the 18th century Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius

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Breaking the ice with Russia

In April 1986, Swedish scientists alerted the world to the Chernobyl disaster after they detected ra

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