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Baltic Way celebrations underway for weekend

RIGA - The 20th anniversary of the Baltic Waywill be widely celebrated on August 23, 2009, throughou

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Baltics demand hijacking explanation

RIGA-  The Russian crew of the cargo ship "Arctic Sea", whose seizure bypirates sparked a maj

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Baltic people remember their joint struggle for independence

RIGA - Chains are usually a very negative symbol in human affairs. However, one particular chain in

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Give a helping hand

The billionaire philanthropist George Soros has set up a 100 million dollar fund to help east Europe

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An epidemic of suicide?  It is interesting that, if over 1,000 people were dying every year fro

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Kirillov's life of beauty

Georgy Kirillov has devoted his entire life to poetry, having published ten volumes in Russian, one

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The Difficult Lessons of Estonia's Foreign Policy

The first president of newly independent Estonia, Lennart Meri, said that a small country's diplomac

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Estonia joins neighbors in GDP downdraft

RIGA - Though the second quarter GDP numbers were better than most had expected, CEO of Nordea Bank

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Faint glimmer of hope for real estate

RIGA - Real estate prices will fall to 15 percent of their 2007 peak recorded during the property bo

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Investors attracted to Lithuanian bonds

VILNIUS - Despite recording a 22.4 percent collapse in second quarter GDP last week, Lithuania is ha

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