Baltic Way celebrations underway for weekend

  • 2009-08-22
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with The Latvian Institute

August 23 will mark 20 years since the Baltic Way

RIGA - The 20th anniversary of the Baltic Waywill be widely celebrated on August 23, 2009, throughout Riga and Latvia, as well as in Lithuania and Estonia. Since mid-July all the Baltic countries are resonating with the spirit of the Baltic Way. Different exhibitions of photographic, video and documentary testimonies are viewable in Riga 's the Latvian National History Museum, the Latvian War Museum, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia 1040 's 1991, and in the display windows of the Archives. The National History Museum of Latvia dedicates a special exposition of lilies to the Baltic Way.

Also around Latvia's in CÄ"sis, Daugavpils, Dobele, JÄ"kabpils, Lielvārde, Ogre, Valmiera 's exhibitions from personal archives of participants of the Baltic Way are being displayed. Until August 24 the touring exhibition "The Baltic Way that moved the world" can be seen in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lobby, afterwards moving to Paris, London,Stockholm, and other places.

Preparation for the culmination of events will begin on the evening of August 22 with symbolic Baltic unity run "Heartbeats for the Baltics!" joining once again all three countries in kilometer long relays along the path of the historic Baltic Way. The relay will be kicked off by the
Presidents of Estonia and Lithuania in Tallinnand Vilnius, and conclude in Riga when President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers will run the last kilometer up to the FreedomMonument. From Lithuanian and Estonian capital cities motorcyclists will cover the distance with a final destination of Sigulda, Latvia.

August 23 will begin with services in Latvian churches honoring the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Way. In the evening, beginning at 18:30, people will meet at the Monument of Freedom in Riga to watch historic images, hear memories, and enjoy concerts by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra and choirs, sing along with the Baltic unity anthem "Baltics Wake Up", see the solemn last leg of the run "Heartbeats of the Baltics!", listen to addresses of the highest officials of the
state as well as receive interactive greetings from neighboring countries. Also in many other places in Latvia people will gather in order to commemorate, recall, and unite in common thoughts about the future of the country. The list of events in all Baltic States is found on the website www.balticway.netEnglish version under section "News"