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ECB may be the bigger problem for Estonia

Danske Bank chief analyst Lars Christensen believes that the European Central Bank is doing ev

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Slide halted but rebound not yet clear

RIGA - Latvia’s third quarter economic output was slightly worse than analysts expected,

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ECB warns of risks involved in maintaining currency pegs

TALLINN - The Baltic states risk being pulled into another debt-fueled economic crisis if thei

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Euro adoption date rests on budget decisions

VILNIUS - According to initial estimates released by Eurostat, third quarter GDP in Lithuania

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Bank consolidation expected as crisis creates opportunities

RIGA - Latvian and Lithuanian banks are reported to have the highest need for new capital in E

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Latvia's economy stabilizing, but remains 'fragile'

RIGA - Latvia may be able to drop its national currency, the lats, and switch to the euro alre

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Poor man status awaits if Estonia adopts euro too soon

TALLINN - Rapid accession to the eurozone is a trap for the future economic development of Est

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Lithuania keeps head above water despite doubts on quick recovery

VILNIUS - Lithuania is falling further behind Estonia in the race to adopt the euro, though th

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Nuclear plant closure will be just one more blow to economy

VILNIUS - Dismantling of the Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania, which is scheduled for

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Euro adoption may not be holy grail many believe

RIGA - Estonia is ready to become the next euro member, says World Bank country manager for th

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