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Parliament reopens vetoed amendments

VILNIUS 's TheLithuanian parliament has reopened debates over amendments to the Civil ServiceLaw

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Godmanis urges 'new faces' in government

RIGA 's Prime Minister IvarsGodmanis has said there will be changes in the government, statin

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Usackas pulls out of presidential race

VILNIUS- Lithuanian Foreign Minister Vygaudas Usackas has officially said he will notrun for presi

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WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: Ambassadors share U.S.-Baltic call for 'peace, prosperity'

WASHINGTON- The three U.S. Baltic ambassadors have vowed their commitment to advancingtransatlanti

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Government restructuring on hold

RIGA 's Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis has said that theruling coalition agr

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Vilnius mayor voted out, replacement chosen

VILNIUS 's VilniusCity Mayor Juozas Imbrasas has lost a vote of no-confidence and will likely be

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Lithuania and Latvia disagree on power link

VILNIUS- Latvian Foreign Minister Maris Riekstins has recently urged the public notto make the mat

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Estonian government faces vote of no confidence

TALLINN- There has been speculation that the proposal for theEstonian government's budget cut will

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New potential anti-corruption chief selected

RIGA- The National SecurityCouncil has chosen one of the two candidates to be the new chief o

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Latvian hockey will participate in Olympic Games

RIGA- The Latvian national men's ice hockey team has qualified for the 2010Vancouver Olympics afte

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