Vilnius mayor voted out, replacement chosen

  • 2009-02-12
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS

Imbrasas said he would appeal the vote in court (Photo courtesy of the Vilnius City Government).

VILNIUS 's VilniusCity Mayor Juozas Imbrasas has lost a vote of no-confidence and will likely beforced out of office in the near future. The Vilnius City Council has nominatedVilius Navickas to take up the post.

Imbrasas has said that he will contest the move in court onThursday, saying that he does not recognize the legality of the vote. He saidwill continue work until the court offers its verdict. 

"I'm working in the office. When the court reaches its verdict, we'llgive over the office and wish them luck", Imbrasas said.

A total of 29 members of the Vilnius Municipality Council Board voted infavor of his removal, while none voted against and two ballots were consideredinvalid. The mayor himself does not partake in the council board's session.

Imbrasas was reproached for failing to warrant effective and transparentoperation of the VilniusMunicipality,using his authority and financial as well as administrative resources solelyfor the benefit of the party he represents and failing to deal with key issuesof concern to Vilnius locals, etc.

Navickas was nominated by the members of the Homeland Union - LithuanianChristian Democrat political group, of which he is a member, along with thoseof the Liberal and Center Union, the Liberal Movement, the Independent groupand Social Democrats.

Some 27 members of the Vilnius City Council Board last week signed a motionof non-confidence against Mayor Juozas Imbrasas, with 10 members of theHomeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrat Party, 10 from the Liberal andCenter Union, four from the Liberal Movement and three from the Independentpolitical group.

Members of the Social Democrat political group on Wednesday in the secretballot also voted in favor of the mayor's removal, although none of them hadsigned the aforementioned motion.

A member of the Order and Justice Party, Juozas Imbrasas was elected Mayorof Vilnius in April of 2007.