Estonian government faces vote of no confidence

  • 2009-02-10
  • TBT Staff Tallinn
TALLINN- There has been speculation that the proposal for theEstonian government's budget cut will have to be accompanied with a vote ofconfidence when it went before parliament.

On Feb. 10 Silver Pukk, the Reform Party (one of the threecoalition parties) PR agent told The Baltic Times that "The possibility that you are referring to is no longer apossibility but will most probably happen next Friday, 20 Feb in Riigikogu. Thebudget cuts will most probably be presented with a confidence vote.  The Reform Party supports this idea."

What this means for the ruling coalition is that if the proposedpackage of budget cuts is not passed, the government may have to step down.

Because of across the board positive projections for thebill, Pukk believes that the bill will be able to be passed.

"The bill would be passed, we are more than sure, becausethere is political consensus on the coalition side for it."

It has been confirmed that there will be a vote of no confidence,which will occur on Feb. 20.