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It's difficult to know whether to take recent contributor (I use the word "contributor" with reserva

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Reflecting the timetables and the information on how to reach the Baltic states with an airplane sho

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Second chances

The Lithuanian parliament has been forced to walk a very thin line, and if it slips too far in eithe

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Academic refugee

Dr. Anatoli Mikhailov is the rector of the European Humanities University 's the Belarusian Western-

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Why human rights are no luxury

Exactly 60 years have passed since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the

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Latvia to ask for 5 billion euro from IMF

RIGA - The Latvian Finance Ministry plans to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan of

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Estonia's economic woes deepen

TALLINN - Estonia's economic outlook is continuing to worsen as the Finance Ministry has forecast a

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Higher education awaits reformation

VILNIUS -  The Lithuanian higher education system must be reorganized in order to be efficient

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Overcoming the Soviet legacy

RIGA - Although Latvia's universities have come a long way since the USSR, the Soviet legacy still p

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Modern persuasions and foreign liaisons

Higher education in the Baltics has come a long way from the forced memorization of Soviet days, but

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