• 2008-12-03
It's difficult to know whether to take recent contributor (I use the word "contributor" with reservations - more like a racist attack on a hapless Obama) Dianne Foster seriously - in view of recent events in her ancestral country regarding racist comments made by the president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation about black players, well documented in this newspaper. It has since been found that, and I quote: "The majority of Lithuanians would not work or communicate with other nationalities, gays or the disabled, a survey has found."

Rather than admit she hates blacks she hides behind old chestnuts such as "lawsuit is pending, demanding that he produce a valid birth certificate."  Or "thirteen U.S. states are under F.B.I. investigation for voter fraud orchestrated by an organization with the acronym A.C.O.R.N. where Obama has links."
He won by a landslide for goodness sake - indicating that the majority of Americans were so anxious to rid themselves of the present incumbent they would have voted for Tom or even Jerry as their next leader. A.C.O.R.N. is an organization devoted to exposing the shameful plight of the American underclass and helps them where it can, and as the underclass of America is black (impoverished whites are a class above impoverished blacks) it's not hard to see why Obama might give them his support. And if this has the whiff of socialism so be it.

If history is to be believed - Abraham Lincoln, in 1861, took the north to war against the south ostensibly to end black slavery. Ironically he headed the same party as Bush, the Republicans. I guess George skipped that lesson in school.
Your much vaunted capitalistic freedom has made corporate America richer (ask Dick Cheney) but very little, if anything, has filtered down to the lowest tier of society. Besides, George Bush has fired the first warning shots across the bow of capitalism by buying up bankrupt banks while he agonizes over whether he should do the same with the stricken auto industry, or just give them a "loan." So please, Dianne, no more talk about socialism being the domain of Barack Obama - it started years ago when the present regime poured billions of dollars into an almost bankrupt Boeing so they could continue to develop the rival to Airbus's A380.

"A large segment of the American population is angry, fearful and embarrassed to have Obama as President." To the contrary, no president in history has done so much to destroy his country's self esteem as Bush has done. He has shot himself in the foot so many times he will have to leave office in a wheel chair. And it's possible Obama has arrived too late.

Harry Gaffney


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