• 2008-12-03
Reflecting the timetables and the information on how to reach the Baltic states with an airplane showed a solid loss of importance. It is not easy to reach the Baltic states from Central Europe, when you take the plane.
First the Baltic airlines are flying to Riga, from Vienna, so the passengers continue via train for the other cities Vilnius and Tallinn. Second, Lithuanian Airlines is not leaving from Vienna to reach Vilnius, the passenger has to go to Budapest to fly. There are no booking-offices in Vienna or the rest of Austria.

Third, the national Austrian airlines fly at least once a day to one of the three cities of the Baltic states, but this will change. After 50 years of existence the Austrian airlines are completely bankrupt, they are overloaded with debt and sold for little money to the German Lufthansa… Now the AUA will continue to exist but as a German Lufthansa-branch, the personnel thinks it is the best solution, so it will be easier and cheaper to fly to the Baltic states.

Dr. Sabine Stadler
Vienna, Austria


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