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I am an American (Lithuanian descent), and recently received an e-mail from my Estonia friend who (b

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Systematic Racism

Over the past few weeks, Lithuania has shown itself to be wildly intolerant and xenophobic.T

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Forcing Gravitas

The gravity of the global financial meltdown and accompanying forecasts of recession in the near ter

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A minister lost

Arturas Paulauskas has been a key figure in Lithuania's politics for a number of years. He has worke

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New PM to slash spending

VILNIUS - Lithuania's incoming prime minister has said that he will slash government spending and re

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Estonia looks to euro as economy lurches

TALLINN - In a spate of public addresses, Estonia's political leaders and chief financial institutio

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MOBILE: LMT, Latellecom, and mobile phones in Latvia 's the introduction of the 3G iPhone

RIGA - Through Latvijas Mobilais Telefon (LMT), the biggest mobile network provider in Latvia, the i

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MOBILE: More phones means lower costs

VILNIUS -  Lithuania boasts a 148 percent mobile phones penetration rate, making it one of the

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WiMAX 's the future of the communications industry

To say the least, the Baltics have taken a liking to mobile phones. Not only do they represent the c

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Quantum of Solace

Directed by Marc Forster  "Quantum of Solace" sees Daniel Craig return to the l

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