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Upcoming Events - 2008-02-20

Nightwish (Finnish symphonic metal)Feb. 27: Siemens

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Riga's sex festival, a reason for hope

RIGA - For better or worse, Riga is a city which is quickly becoming known as a sexual mecca, much l

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ADVERTISING - Come One, Come All

Advertising is something that, in this modern capitalist-infused a

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ADVERTISING - The Role of Media Agencies

VILNIUS - The budget a company prepares for airtime on TV or radio, print publications and, increasi

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ADVERTISING - High-tech Approach Hits Riga

RIGA - When it comes to advertising, companies are constantly trying to find exciting new ways to ge

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Company briefs - 2008-02-20

Coca-Cola executives said that the company would expand its business and boost its market share in t

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TAKING COUNSEL: Non-resident taxing in Estonia

As every year, this time of the year is the high season for income tax returns. The Estonian Income

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Russian rail chief muses Latvian transit potential

RIGA - Russia's top railroad chief has told a conference in Riga that by next year Russia intends to

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Ansip criticizes deal with China

TALLINN - Prime Minister Andrus Ansip has criticized the Port of Tallinn's plan to build a container

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E.O.S., Pakterminal to merge

TALLINN - Estonia's two major oil transit firms 's E.O.S. and Pakterminal 's have agreed to merge op

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