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GROCERIES - The ups and downs of Baltic groceries

Grocery stores hold a unique position in any economy. Everybody ne

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GROCERIES - Greening up a small market

TALLINN - In the decade-and-a-half that the Baltic states have freed themselves from communist rule,

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Company briefs - 2008-02-27

Fortum Klaipeda announced it would build a new thermal power plant in the port town. The cost of the

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Taking counsel: Liability of a company director: who has a right to file an action?

Considering that Lithuanian court practice with regard to civil claims toward company directors has

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Golden arches to multiply throughout Latvia, Baltics

RIGA - The Maltese-based firm that recently acquired the McDonald's franchises in the Baltics has sa

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Gerhards stresses need for new power plants

RIGA - Latvia's economy minister has reiterated the need to build new energy production capacities r

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Brussels criticizes Lithuania

VILNIUS - The European Commission has pointed out faults in the Lithuanian economy that by and large

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Godmanis doubts inflation

RIGA - In what could be a veiled attempt to doctor Latvia's increasingly grim inflationary numbers,

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Ansip: time to freeze public sector salaries for sake of euro

TALLINN - Prime Minister Andrus Ansip has said that in order to switch to the euro the government mi

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Estonia expresses misgivings over EU energy reform measures

TALLINN - Estonia's center-right government has determined positions on a series of climate change m

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