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It's all too obvious that the March 2 election of a new Russian president will not bring any changes

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Eesti in brief - 2008-02-27

Estonia celebrated its 90th anniversary of independence on Feb. 23-24. President Toomas Hendrik Ilve

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Olympic candidate in brothel row

TALLINN - Controversy and drama arose in the Estonian sporting arena when allegations were made that

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Speed dating takes Latvia by storm

RIGA - Guys and gals get ready 's speed dating has come to Latvia! After only a few months in operat

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Slow progress on lustration law

VILNIUS - In a move that strengthens the role of the presidency, the Constitutional Court has ruled

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Foreign policy heads south

TALLINN - Much to Russia's disappointment, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet voiced his support of invitin

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KNAB decries 'systematic' corruption in city council

RIGA - Following a major bribery sting in the Riga City Council, a leading anti-corruption bureau of

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Nuclear negotiator needs to be 'active' politician

VILNIUS - The role of Lithuania's negotiator for extensionof Ignalina N

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Balts mind their language

RIGA - The Riga City Council culture, art and religiousaffairs committee ha

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Thank you - Lithuania is second

VILNIUS -- Lithuanians have chosen 'aciu' (thank you) as the mostbeauti

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