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Ministry protests EU-Russia talks

VILNIUS - Lithuania is protesting the resumption EU-Russia talks because the country says that Russi

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LBF head escapes racism charge

VILNIUS - The president of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LBF) has gotten off with a slap on

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-11-05

Lithuania should identify itself as Northern European and show economic potential in an attractive l

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Baltics furious with Russia

VILNIUS - The president has said the peace plan in the Georgia-Russia conflict is not being complied

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Food prices to stabilize

VILNIUS - After months of skyrocketing food prices, experts say consumers can finally look forward t

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Election all clear 's CEC

VILNIUS - The Central Election Committee has given its approval to the results of the general electi

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-10-29

After the defeat in the general elections, Lithuania's first Prime Minister, Kazimira Prunskiene, pl

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Illegal passport ring busted

VILNIUS - A three-month operation by Italian and Lithuanian authorities has resulted in the bust of

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Vote recount reveals suspected election fraud

VILNIUS - Following a surprise result in the recount of a parliamentary seat in the election run-off

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Center-right coalition to lead Lithuania

VILNIUS - The leaders of four of Lithuania's center-right parties have signed an agreement outlining

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