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Jewish community betrayed

VILNIUS - Jewish community leaders on two continents have united to emphatically condemn the Lithuan

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-07-03

A decade long mine-clearing operation that will remove ordinance from Lithuanian territory will atte

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EU and NATO emigrants to get dual citizenship

VILNIUS - Parliament (Seimas) has passed a new citizenship law that allows children of Lithuanian em

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Cyber terrorists attack state and corporate Web sites

VILNIUS - Hackers from an unknown location have infiltrated over 300 Lithuanian Web sites in the pas

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-06-18

The Seimas reached a final agreement on the Law on Equal Rights, which covers discrimination. Howeve

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Education Minister turns away university students

VILNIUS - The new Education and Science Minister, Algirdas Monkevicius, has spoken out against 

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Adamkus forgives Germany for Nazi occupation

VILNIUS - The president has dismissed the idea of asking Germany for money for the World War II occu

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Vilnius migration head defends 'racist' comments

VILNIUS - The head of the Vilnius City Migration Service, Gintaras Baguzis, has defended controversi

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Lietuva in brief - 2008-06-11

Bronislavas Lubys has been named the richest man in Lithuania with a personal worth of three billion

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Doctors continue taking backhanders

VILNIUS - Doctors have been found to regularly accept bribes from patients despite changes to the la

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