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Festival celebrates the long history of short films

VILNIUS - Lithuanian-born film director Adolfas Mekas was one of the pioneers of the New American Ci

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Inland Empire

Director: David LynchDavid Lynch reportedly began shooting "Inland Empire" as an uns

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Estonia's original surrealist

TALLINN - Surrealism, an Estonian art critic once said, is the natural reaction to the absurdities o

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A new habitat for funky monkeys

VILNIUS - Andrius Galinas and his friends were tired of putting up with the same Old Town club and

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ISP - Industry Briefs

Sept. 17: Lithuania's telecommunications companies posted 1.

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ISP - The rise of Baltic ISPs

RIGA - Internet usage in the Baltic states has skyrocketed in the past few years. As Internet penetr

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Upcoming Events - 2007-09-26

DJ Muggs (from Cypress Hill)Sept. 27: Club Hollywood

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An autumn escape to leafy Sigulda

SIGULDA - Lines of sunlight and shadow crisscrossed the pavement in front of me. As I rode my bike,

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ISP - Net access for country folk

VILNIUS - In Vilnius, getting connected is easy 's Internet cafes and WiFi hotspots infest almost ev

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ISP - If it works, who cares how?

TALLINN - There are no less than six different systems a computer user can choose to access the Inte

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