Kononovs case opens

STRASBOURG 's the European Court of Human Rights has strted proceedings in the case of Kononov

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Latvians cannot afford healthcare

RIGA - The majority of Latvians never visit the doctor. That's not a sign of a nation in rude h

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Warsaw gamble looks a safe bet for Olympic

TALLINN - Estonian casino operator Olympic Entertainment Group has applied to have its shares l

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Schengen thumbs-up likely for Lithuania

VILNIUS - The latest round of inspections by EU officials ahead of  Lithuania joining the

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Swiss risk warning to investors

VILNIUS - Lithuanian investors have been warned to be wary of a Swiss company touting for busin

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Latvia 'an example to others' - Pabriks

RIGA - Latvian foreign minister Artis Pabriks has a double helping of discrimination on his pla

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Russians want an end to name-calling

RIGA - A campaign entitled "Reclaim Your Name!" has been launched in Latvia, according to the Itar-T

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Latvian kids becoming couch potatoes

RIGA 's New research from the World Health Organization and Latvia's Public Health Agency provides f

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Baltic banks booming

 RIGA - Baltic banks earned 714.127 million euros in profit in the first half of 2007, doubling

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