ISP - Industry Briefs

  • 2007-09-26
Sept. 17: Lithuania's telecommunications companies posted 1.444 billion litas (EUR 418.6 mln) in aggregate revenues for the first half of this year, a rise of 12 percent from 1.289 billion litas a year ago, the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) reported.

Internet access service providers posted 144.89 million litas in revenues for the first half, up 12.4 percent from 128.88 million litas a year ago. The number of subscribers to computer-based Internet access soared by 61.1 percent to 487,600

Sept 5: The next generation of Latvians may be in danger of turning into Web geeks, if recent statistics are anything to go by.

According to BNS, a survey found that 25 percent of school children spent their summer surfing on the Internet, while 21 percent went to educational or sports camps, 16 percent traveled around Latvia and 11 percent traveled abroad.