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TAKING COUNSEL: Creditors of former owner can become a buyer's headache

When concludinga realestate contract,it is importantto ensure thatyou are purchasingprop

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Company briefs - 2007-08-22

Tez Tour announced plans to acquire hotels in all three Balticstates in order to set up a

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Cabinet endorses more discounts for air carriers

RIGA- The Latvian government onAug. 15 approved a series of newdiscounts for airlines 's this

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MG Baltic completes takeover

VILNIUS- MG Baltic, Lithuania's multibusinessconglomerate, announcedthat it has finalized the

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Tallink to contest order banning smoking on ships

TALLINN- Tallink, the largest shippingcompany in the Baltics,said it would contest anorder b

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Adamkus and Estonian opposition throw new hurdles in path of atomic power plant

VILNIUS - Lithuania's much-ballyhooeddream of building a new nuclearplant has taken a couple of

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Ministers change tune on economic outlook, but are they two years too late?

RIGA- Finally, a top governmentofficial has come out andsaid what many 's from theerudite an

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Lietuva in brief - 2007-08-22

Vidmantas Urbonas, theLithuanian triathlete who hadbeen attempting to make arecord-breaking, 2

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Belarus fears post-Schengen migrant flood

VILNIUS- Belarusian border guards arebracing for a flood of Lithuaniaboundillegal immigrants a

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Drug companies embroiled in tax row

VILNIUS- International pharmaceuticalcompanies operating inLithuania have becomeinvolved in

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