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Polish worker killed in refinery accident

VILNIUS - One Polish worker died and another was seriously injured in an accident May 22 at a troubl

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Standard & Poor's cuts Latvia's long-term rating, keeps spotlight on macroeconomic imbalances

RIGA - The rating agency Standard & Poor's last week deprived Latvia of its premium "A-" borrowing g

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Lietuva in brief - 2007-05-23

Stanislovas Jucius, a prominent Lithuanian businessman who mysteriously disappeared in Russia's Kali

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Parliamentary speaker Muntianas survives second no-confidence vote

VILNIUS - The speaker of Lithuania's parliament, Viktoras Muntianas, dodged a political bullet on Ma

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Vilnius city government bans EU-backed anti-discrimination rally

VILNIUS - Officials of the Vilnius city government on May 18 decided not to issue a permit for an EU

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Fighting the 'disease of hatred'

Lithuania's homosexual community recently found itself at the center of public debate after trolleyb

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Latvija in brief - 2007-05-23

The opening rounds of debate in the upcoming presidential elections are now scheduled be held on May

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Saeima ratifies border treaty with Russia

RIGA - The Saeima (Latvian parliament) ratified the long awaited border treaty with Russia on May 17

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Customs investigator targeted in bomb attack

RIGA - The director of State Revenue Service's customs-related crime unit, Vladimirs Vaskevics, was

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Energy security challenges for Europe

With the end of the Cold War and bipolarity in international relations, new phenomena came to the li

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