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Baltic states to be given Placebo

RIGA - For all you in the Baltic states who have been jonesing for some alternative music, your fix

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A weekend getaway for those not intimidated by driving

RIGA - Life in Riga is exciting and offers a wide range of possibilities to fill any free time we ma

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Saaremaa: Estonia's Island Getaway

TALLINN - Just as the widespread and free wireless Internet and the density of computer progra

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Experience the past in Kernave

VILNIUS - If car exhaust, cement beneath your feet and traffic jams are getting you down perhaps a t

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Company briefs - 2007-05-23

Elion, Estonia's telephone and ISP, launched a "remote video rental service" to its more than 30,000

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Lithuanian cement plant curbs exports to meet domestic demand

VILNIUS - Akmenes Cementas (Stone Cement) announced last week that it was curbing exports in order t

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Report: Snaige up for sale

VILNIUS - A leading daily paper reported last week that Snaige, the only refrigerator manufacturer i

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TALKING TAX: Your company receives a notice of assessments 's what next?

In Estonia, if the tax authority issues a notice of assessment to a taxable entity it usually become

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Latvia's current account deficit soars, Parliament adopts anti-inflation measures

RIGA - Latvia's first quarter current account deficit increased 2.2 times compared with the same per

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Russian pressure relinquishes

TALLINN - Russia's determination to punish Estonia economically for the recent decision to relocate

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