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Christmas comes but once a year, thankfully

TALLINN - As Christmas Eve approaches and SMS loan providers rub their little hands together, we are

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Celebrating Hanukkah in Latvia

RIGA - With Christmas trees standing tall in most major squares, Christmas decorations, Christmas sa

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Here for the holidays?

It's that time of year 's Many Baltic-based expats will soon be leaving to spend Christmas with the

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Upcoming Events - 2007-12-19

Alphaville (German synth-pop)Dec. 21: Linnahall, Tal

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Walking with the kings in Vilnius

VILNIUS - Vilnius' beloved Gates of Dawn, home to a painting of the Virgin Mary, is already a captiv

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Contemporary art with a Soviet tinge

TALLINN - Although the Soviet occupation of the Baltics ended well over a decade ago, it's clear tha

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Pagans, Christians unite for advent

VILNIUS - A sacred fire built to burn off misfortunes... songs to the goddess of fire... it doesn't

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Upcoming Events - 2007-12-12

Ace of Base, Alphaville, SandraDec. 14: Siemens Aren

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Building a winter wonderland

RIGA - Let's face it; winter in Riga can be tremendously depressing. There are only a few hours of d

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A cozy hideaway in the center of Tallinn

TALLINN - Some observant Tallinn-dwellers may have noticed that a new cafe called Teatri Puhvet has

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