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Foreign Ministers of Latvia and Malta sign co-operation protocol

RIGA - At the UN General Assembly in New York on 21 Sept. 2006, Latvian Foreign Minister Artis Pabri

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The first round of presidential elections to start on Sept. 23

TALLINN - Filling out the names of candidates for Estonian presidential elections in the electoral c

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Uspaskich bail raises skepticism among Lithuanians

VILNIUS-Almost a majority of Lithuanians think that the Russian secret service is protecting former

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Fire kills three in western Latvia

Three people died, and three people are in intensive care, after a fire broke out in an abandoned bu

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Movie review

My Super Ex-GirlfriendLittle ManMy Super Ex-Girlfriend In the c

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In the air streams above Estonia

TALLINN - "For centuries it has been the dream of men to fly - to be free as a bird and float above

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Flowers of the sky 's hot air balloons soar over Vilnius

When Joseph and Etienne Montgolfiers first ascended into the sky in a hot air balloon in 1782, they

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Elite activities that don't drain the pocketbook

We often think of the Baltics as a region for holidays "on the cheap." In reality however, there a

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A century of Estonian Opera

TALLINN - Estonia's national opera company is celebrating its centenary anniversary, and it's doing

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Office development continues to flourish

TALLINN - A new study by real estate firm Colliers international shows that Latvia and Estonia's off

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