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Craft fairs have a way of bringing out the five-year-old kindergartener in all of us. So why don't y

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Elvis has left the wardrobe

TALLINN - It seems nowhere on earth was immune to Elvis Presley obsession. Even in Soviet times, El

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A few words with Nina Menkes

In "The Bloody Child," one of the older films featured last week at the Arsenals International Film

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TBT Recommends - 2006-09-27

EstoniaIKIKATAOct. 1 's Straight from the country that gave us sushi,

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Theater finds space in Vilnius

VILNIUS - For over a week now, Vilnius has been hosting the third International Theatre Festival Sir

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Adamkus praises China's growth

VILNIUS - "Lithuania may serve as a gateway for Chinese business to European markets," Lithuanian Pr

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A different view on education

Zhang Junling is the University of Latvia's only native Chinese teacher. In 2003, the soft spoken wo

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Building the Modern Silk Road

RIGA - Prior to joining the European Union, Latvian officials worked toward selling the nation as a

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Taking counsel: Recent amendments to the Code of Administrative Court Procedure

The entry into force of the new Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) on Jan. 6, 2006 was a matter of freque

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Company briefs - 2006-09-27

The Latvian bus company Ecolines launched a daily trans-Baltic service on Sept. 21, providing a comp

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