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Nida and Juodkrante: A preservation meditation

NERINGA, Lithuania - Tourists first started coming to the Curonian Spit in 1840 and its first large

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TBT recommends - 2006-08-23

EstoniaTARTUFFAug. 26 - 31There's nothing better than some good roman

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One night in Tartu and the world's your oyster

TARTU - The history of the musical "Chess" is almost more dramatic than the production itself. Sin

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Taking counsel: Rights of first refusal in real estate transfers: Just an illusion?

Most people active in the real estate market know of the concept of the right of first refusal, usua

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Company briefs - 2006-08-23

TK Development, one of the largest real estate property developers and operators in Europe, invested

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Added-value and integrated real estate advisory services

As the commercial real estate market matures, the adjacent industries have been taking off as well.

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Gazprom dismisses Kaunas executive

VILNIUS - Russia's gas concern Gazprom has confirmed that it dismissed the previous CEO of Kaunas' h

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Old passenger ferry fails to lure investors, auction planned

RIGA - Riga Port is reportedly planning to organize an international auction to sell the Baltic Kris

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Despite tax cut, Lithuanian revenues increase

VILNUS - Despite a cut in the personal income tax rate at the start of July, state budget revenues i

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Register your business 's online

TALLINN - A bill drafted by the Justice Ministry would make it possible to establish a business in E

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