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Lembergs: 'Businessmen are plotting to murder me'

RIGA - The controversial Ventspils mayor, Aivars Lembergs, has thickened the pre-election political

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Where are you, road police?

Today's traffic police press release, which mentioned 120 accidents, 21 injuries and three deaths, i

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The 11th hour agreement between the Center Party and the People's Union to support the re-election o

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Eesti in brief - 2006-08-16

Tallinn and parts of northern Estonia came under a ghostly pall last week as smoke from forest fires

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Skinheads disrupt gay pride parade

TALLINN - A group of skinheads violently disrupted a gay pride parade held in Tallinn on Aug. 12, ma

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Rotor failure to blame for helicopter crash

TALLINN - Investigators are now certain that a rotor servo malfunction was the cause of last year's

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Journeymen find their way to Estonia

TALLINN - Christian and Matthais each have one set of clothes: top hats, tailored vests and large co

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Prison break spurs govt action

RIGA - Alarm bells sounded across Latvia after four escaped convicts managed to cross the Lithuanian

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Adamkus encouraged to grant citizenship to U.S. basketball player

VILNIUS - The Citizenship Commission has recommended that President Valdas Adamkus grant citizenship

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Two-party agreement assures Ruutel second term

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel will most likely take on a second term in office, now that two pol

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