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In brief - 2006-08-16

Latvia's FK Ventspils, the nation's strongest premier league soccer team, lost 1-0 to England's Newc

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Balts shine at Euro Championships

RIGA - Baltic athletes flexed their exceptional track and field talents during the European Champion

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Choir makes everything sacred again

RIGA - The State Choir Latvija is the best choir in the Baltics, according to General Manager Maris

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Taking counsel: Does Estonian law provide legal remedies for protecting the domain name owner's rights?

Web pages and domain names referring to them are among the most visible areas of Internet advertisin

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Company briefs - 2006-08-16

Danish Air Lease acquired the sole plane of debt-ridden Air Lithuania, offering 2.7 million litas (7

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Danes plan to build new brewery

RIGA - The Royal Unibrew, owner of the Lacplesa Alus brewery, announced plans to build a new brewery

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Construction boom leads to shortages, propels prices

TALLINN - Estonia's ongoing construction boom has propelled sales of materials and prompted companie

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Russia slams Lithuanian dairies with duties

VILNIUS - Russia has decided to raise duties on imports of Lithuanian dairy products beginning in Se

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No sign of inflation slowing down

RIGA - Analysts raised their annual inflation forecasts for 2006 after consumer prices in July soare

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Estonian unions want to link pay with qualifications

TALLINN - In addition to a rise in the minimum wage, trade unions are also planning to link pay with

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