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Dutch maestro gives Russian soccer new hope

RIGA - Guus Hiddink became the new coach of the Russian national soccer team after signing a two-yea

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Ansip shifts gear on railway sale

TALLLINN - Prime Minister Andrus Ansip shifted the onus of responsibility for renationalizing Eesti

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Ambassador: Russia may halt all oil exports via Latvia

RIGA - Russian Ambassador to Latvia Viktor Kalyuzhny was quoted in an interview last week as saying

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Moscow, U.S. court move to block Mazeikiu deal, PKN Orlen offers record-high price

VILNIUS - The Mazeikiu Nafta saga acquired a sense of international urgency last week, with both the

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Poland keen on new interstate roads

VILNIUS - Poland is set to plow billions of euros into its transport network in the upcoming seven-y

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EU-domains up for grabs, speculators poised to gain

TALLINN - Speculators have begun to register eu-ending domain names and offer them to well establish

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Euro slipping away from Lithuania

VILNIUS - EU policy makers have reportedly expressed fear that the growth of consumer prices in Lith

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Land deal sets new record in Tallinn

TALLINN - Real estate experts said the record-breaking 600 million kroon (38 million euro) bid for t

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Lietuva in brief - 2006-04-19

President Valdas Adamkus ranks first on the list of most popular politicians and most favored public

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Prosecutors to appeal Dailide punishment verdict

VILNIUS - The Prosecutor General's Office announced it would appeal against the verdict in the case

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