Poland keen on new interstate roads

  • 2006-04-19
  • Baltic News Service
VILNIUS - Poland is set to plow billions of euros into its transport network in the upcoming seven-year period, with some funds earmarked for improving highways connecting to Lithuania. Poland aims to invest 16 's 18 billion euros into the implementation of transport infrastructure projects in 2007 's 2013, the Lietuvos Zinios daily reports.

During a recent visit to Lithuania, Poland's Transport Minister Jerzy Polaczek assured that some funds would be assigned for transport projects that would also be beneficial for Lithuania.
The minister noted that three of five priority transport infrastructure projects to be implemented in Poland would be of use for Lithuania 's e.g., a highway that will bypass the roads of Wiczkow and Augustow, a highway that will connect with the Via Baltica road and a highway stretching from Gdansk to the Czech Republic.
Though the news will be welcomed in Vilnius, Lithuanian government officials are seeking more Polish cooperation in the energy field, particularly in building a unified power line connecting the two countries.