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Tallinn celebrates distinguished European honor

TALLINN - Tallinn has been named European Capital of Culture 2011, an honor awarded annually by the

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U.S. Academics charge Putin with plagiarism

Thousands 's if not millions 's of pages have been written about Russian President Vladimir Putin, b

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Pentagon: Russia gave Saddam info on U.S. military

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has said the United States will seek explanation from Mosco

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Belarus' economic slide may fill opposition's ranks

It was on Saturday, when no doubts were left, that Belarus is not yet ready for the blue revolution.

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It has been a terribly long year for Lithuania's political life. For both those involved and those f

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New tapping scandal disrupts Tallinn city politics

TALLINN - Five opposition parties in the Tallinn City Council issued a statement on March 28 accusin

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Kremlin envoy applauds Lithuania on Kaliningrad, rejects any hope of occupation compensation

VILNIUS - The Kremlin's envoy to the European Union, who was in Vilnius last week, dismissed any cha

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Starry-eyed in Texas

AUSTIN - Like thousands of others, 22-year-old Latvian singer-songwriter Goran Gora packed his bags,

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Let the name-game begin

TALLINN - The agonizing, months-long process of finding Estonia's next president unofficially starte

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Karins sacks director of development agency

RIGA - What began as mere bureaucratic disorder 's the Latvian Investment and Development Agency's a

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