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Eesti in brief - 2006-03-22

The extended board of the Reform Party unanimously backed a proposal by Defense Minister Jurgen Ligi

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Baltic Rail Services strikes back at state

TALLINN - Shareholders of Baltic Rail Services, the private company that owns and controls Estonian

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Financial leaders say euro hopes will have to be postponed

TALLINN - Both the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Estonia announced this week that there was littl

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Beware the euro

In recent times inflation in Lithuania has been declared at around 2.7 percent per annum. I have bee

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Can't please everyone

It is of interest that Astrid writes her critique (TBT #499) regarding the Danish cartoons from Amst

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There was never a doubt about the outcome 's it was just a matter of percentages. As it turned out,

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Under American eyes

The world is a big place, and the population of the three Baltic states together barely matches that

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Hundreds line up for EU funds

RIGA - Fearing that they could lose a golden opportunity to receive European Union structural funds,

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Oil slicks reach Estonian shore, Finns help mop up

TALLINN - Clean-up ships swarmed the Bay of Tallinn on March 17 after the Estonian Border Guard dete

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Baltics look on helplessly as Lukashenko steals election and opposition forces protest

VILNIUS - Leaders of all three Baltic states expressed their strong disapproval of the Belarusian pr

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