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Religious leaders condemn caricature-related violence

RIGA - Leaders of traditional religious communities in Lithuania have condemned the wave of violence

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Dead duck keeps bird flu scare alive

Lithuania underwent another bird flu scare this week after a dead duck found in Telsiai was taken to

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Russia's new nuclear dreams are overly ambitious

Nuclear power occupies a special place in Russian President Vladimir Putin's national energy strateg

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Bird flu: as European worries grow, some see benefits in the alarm

Germany's announcement confirmed what preliminary tests had already shown 's that two dead swans fou

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Latvija in brief - 2006-02-22

Author and World War II veteran Visvaldis Lacis is working on a book about the Latvian legionnaires

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Ventspils 's where politics always smell fishy

RIGA - In its campaign to enlighten residents, politicians and the media on the misuse of administr

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In need of a creative spirit in the laboratories and the classroom

Both the Latvian government and the Education Ministry have agreed that reforming the nation's educa

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Eesti in brief - 2006-02-22

A court handed down a suspended jail sentence for bribe-taking to Kristjan Malk, former head of the

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MPs want to discuss troops before break

TALLINN - The government wants Parliament to decide before its summer break whether the defense forc

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Ilves: EU needs common foreign policy

TALLINN - MEP Toomas Hendrik Ilves, vice chairman of the European Parliament's foreign affairs commi

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